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Network Wiring Columbus | Custom Cabling Services Inc. - Network Wiring

The roots of today’s modern wiring installation can be found in the wiring that was done to prepare for landline phones and their enhanced performance.

Structured Wiring Columbus | Custom Cabling Services Inc. - Structured Wiring

When a business requires new network cabling or landline phone wiring, but wants the installation to remain out of the way, structured wiring is the first line of defense.

Infrastructural Wiring Columbus | Custom Cabling Services Inc. - Infrastructural Wiring

There are few things as important as infrastructural wiring. Unlike its “structured” variant, infrastructural wiring is actually placed directly into the walls of an office facility, typically..

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Professional Cabling Installations Help Customers Embrace the 21st Century

If there is a single thing that characterizes home and business life in the 21st century, it would be a high-speed Internet connection that can enable everything from streaming movies to videoconferencing among a large group of corporate professionals. Our expert wiring and cabling services allow those things to take place effortlessly, with today’s leading wiring technologies that deliver the fastest Internet speeds available to business users and homeowners alike. With innovative installations that can work with existing structures and new construction, we can deliver the digital age to anyone in Columbus.

Structured Cabling Keeps the Network Out of the Way

One of the most common requests our customers have is that we engage in what is known as “structured wiring.” This process involves actually building structures to hold cables away from human reach and other obstructions. Typically, this means we’ll install wire racks and other hardware in the ceiling of a home or business, helping cables maintain their integrity while still serving the needs of business customers who need cutting-edge, high-speed data services throughout their facility. It is this commitment to expert, non-intrusive installations that has garnered us one of the best reputations in Columbus and the surrounding areas.

Infrastructural Wiring Takes Installation to the Next Level

Our experts are actually able to perform infrastructural cabling installations that can serve things like servers, utility closets, structured cable installations, and more. We do this by essentially wiring a building from the inside out, giving it a digital approach to today’s most pressing problems. It is this service that sets us apart from our competitors, giving our customers a way to fully wire their facility for the next generation of high-speed data services that will require industry-leading cabling and technology to perform at its peak.

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