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About Us

About Us | Custom Cabling Services Inc. : Columbus, OH
Custom Cabling Services Inc. was founded to give Columbus-area businesses and homeowners a way to bring 21st century data services to their home or business location effortlessly. We recognized that the future of data connectivity would require access to industry-leading cabling, like Category-6 and Category-6E cables that can carry data faster than any other copper variant currently on the market. With this commitment to technology and innovation, we set out to change the local marketplace and give businesses a competitive edge over those in other cities.

An Embrace of Today’s Best Technologies

We understand that a solid Internet connection is only as good as the cables that carry its data to every computer or workstation in a home or business. Without the right cables, or without a top-notch installation, data speeds can easily “Degrade” while in transit, delivering far slower speeds to computers than they otherwise would. That can negatively impact productivity, entertainment, and the viability of an Internet connection itself.

With our diverse array of cabling options and installations, we make sure that every Internet connection lives up to its rated maximum speed. Businesses and homeowners in Columbus and the surrounding areas will appreciate a better connection, faster speeds, and a first-class installation of all cabling required, we offer all of these.