Infrastructural Wiring

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Infrastructural Wiring

Infrastructural Wiring | Custom Cabling Services Inc. : Columbus, OH
There are few things as important as infrastructural wiring. Unlike its “structured” variant, infrastructural wiring is actually placed directly into the walls of an office facility, typically when it is first being built. Installing wiring in this way allows for things like utility closets and server cabinets to be fully accessible via an Internet connection. It also means that data ports and Ethernet ports can be installed throughout the office without “dropping” cables from the ceiling.

The Tools and Technologies to Get the Job Done

Custom Cabling Services Inc. has the right cables, and the right installation tools, to make sure that each business client is well-served by our focus on infrastructure when wiring a facility from within. We use only the most modern cabling technologies, including Category-6 and Category-6e cables that can transmit data faster and over far longer distances. That means that there will be less latency and better performance in each instance.

To get started with our innovative wiring services that can turn any office into an example of 21st century connectivity, be sure to contact us as soon as possible. We’ll begin with a consultation and finish with an installation that will transform the business from the inside out.