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Network Wiring

Network Wiring  | Custom Cabling Services Inc. : Columbus, OH
The roots of today’s modern wiring installation can be found in the wiring that was done to prepare for landline phones and their enhanced performance. These lines were installed throughout homes and businesses in order to give those places a real connection to the outside world. Today’s network wiring installations are performed with the same goals in mind, though they use a far different method of communication.

High-Tech Cables Make for Excellent Internet Performance

Internet connectivity has been marked by the development of different cables over time, each of them designed to handle a larger theoretical maximum speed to the homes and businesses that they serve. For quite some time, that cable was known as a Category-5 cable, or Cat5 when abbreviated. Today, though, the Cat5 cable has been supplanted by newer technology found in the Cat6 or Cat6e variant.

Category-6 cables, as they’re known, provide lightning fast data transmission times that are faster, more reliable, and able to be sent over longer cable lengths than any prior technology. This is easily the best way for today’s homes and businesses to embrace better speeds and performance that will benefit the 21st century’s most data-intensive applications.

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