Structured Wiring

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Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring  | Custom Cabling Services Inc. : Columbus, OH
When a business requires new network cabling or landline phone wiring, but wants the installation to remain out of the way, structured wiring is the first line of defense. We pair our network wiring installation with hardware that keeps cables together, untangled, and out of the way of everyday employees. We look for places to install that cable, like the cavity between a drop ceiling and the actual ceiling of an office, and then drop cables next to workstations where they’ll be least intrusive.

A Distinctly Corporate Way to Perform Network Wiring

Structured wiring has been specifically designed for businesses that require high-speed cabling that won’t interfere with productivity “on the ground.” Typically, such installations are performed in existing office settings where old construction has made it virtually impossible to place cables into the walls and create network connection jacks. Instead, wiring must be “dropped” from the ceiling, or extended from the wall, to reach each computer directly.

Because Columbus has plenty of buildings with this quirk, we’ve become quite experienced at working with virtually any office setup. This has allowed us to offer some of the quickest and most advanced structured wiring installations in the area. Be sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible to arrange a consultation and a time for installation.